Patriot had a busy day – two call outs for equine technical rescue incidents today (which made for three in three days).

We love happy endings, and have one to share.

Enjoy our ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures!

This draft type mare fell through a large section of stall flooring on the second floor of a bank barn and was straddling a beam with her hind legs.

The Exeter Fire Department determined that the beams under the floor were solid and the rest of the floor structure was safe to work around with the exception of the corner under / behind the horse. The on scene veterinarian sedated the horse and rescuers placed 20′ x 4″ loop end rescue straps in sideways drag configuration using rigid and flexible strap guides and she was rolled into left lateral recumbency and pulled onto a Rescue Glide for full packaging for a typical stall extrication. Manpower and two slip sheets moved her thru the stall door, out of the barn and to a clear, grassy recovery area where she stood uneventfully at first ask after the sedation wore off.

Thank you to both Dr Kirk Smith and staff from Amesbury Animal Hospital and to the Exeter Fire Department for their expert care and professional, invaluable assistance – great team work made quick work for this lovely horse in a challenging entrapment.

We wish her a speedy and uneventful recovery!

One thought on “Successful Rescue in Amesbury!

  1. Eliza, Man your fingers are evidently on FIRE! Love it! And I am amazed you can xfer pix like that! I am just so very IT illiterate… This city shiuld be Exeter NH, though. The vet was out of Amesbury. Cant wait for the others! K



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