What We Do

Patriot Equine Technical Rescue is a 501(c)(3) public charity which provides and utilizes specialized equipment and skills to assist veterinarians, public safety officials and other rescue professionals with the technical rescue of horses in distress due to entrapment, illness or injury.

There is no charge for our services, but donations are gratefully accepted.

Because our team members are unpaid volunteers, availability and response times may vary and unfortunately cannot be guaranteed.  But we will always do our very best to assist in an emergency!

A Veterinarian must be present or also responding.

We are NOT a ‘transport’ service, but will gladly utilize our rescue equipment to extricate horses from their entrapment or situation, and package them for transport to a veterinary referral hospital on the owner’s trailer or another brought to the scene.  We do it this way on purpose!  First, it considerably shortens our response time!  Our equipment is primarily in two vehicles, and we don’t waste valuable time having to go hitch a trailer, which are available almost everywhere…  Secondly, we do not spend our generous donor’s contributions on the costs of expensive motor vehicle insurance. We spend their donations on specialized equipment to help the horses!

Our equipment cache is extensive and our training meets the Operations Level guidelines established in NFPA 1670 Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue, Chapter 17 and Annex K, Animal Technical Rescue.

While municipal first responders will make heroic efforts to assist horses in distress in a variety of situations, they often lack the training specific to equine technical rescue and they do not have the proper equipment required to do so safely – for both the horse and the rescuers.   In these scenarios, injury to the horse from using improvised equipment or improper techniques is quite common.   Our equipment and training, even if it takes a little time to get it to the scene,  can mean all the difference in keeping rescuers safe and in providing the horse (or other large animal!) with every opportunity for a successful outcome.  Because our equipment is purpose designed, it also accomplishes the job MUCH faster than other lay-methods which means horses, fragile and subject to potentially deadly medical complications from prolonged recumbency or entrapments, usually fare better during and after the their rescue.

Patriot Equine Technical rescue can also, on occasion, compassionately move deceased equines, using the same techniques and equipment, for burial purposes or transport to a local large animal crematorium. A donation is required for these services, please contact us for more information.