We have a wish list!

These two pieces of equipment would be invaluable additions to our rescue equipment cache. We have had some generous donations from contributors and horse owners after rescue calls set aside toward purchasing this equipment, but we still need more help to make it happen.

Please consider making a donation (tax-deductible under IRC Sec 170) or contributing to our GoFundMe campaign!

Portable Equine Rescue Frame


This rescue frame is designed for horses and is used to lift a downed horse or to place over a well, sinkhole, etc. to effect a vertical lift rescue of an entrapped horse. The similar rescue frames that fire departments or technical rescue teams have are limited to ‘two man’ loads of about 600lbs which will not work in an equine technical rescue situation.

This portable rescue frame is versatile and has interchangeable parts designed to allow different configurations—a tripod in a standalone platform for a straight lift or a bipod which  also allows horizontal movement of the horse.

This equipment can be brought to any scene, to places where there is no access to heavy equipment, or when heavy equipment (agricultural size tractor, a crane or a backhoe…) is not available. It can be set up by as few as two persons. It is quiet and much less stressful to a recumbent or entrapped horse than heavy machinery as well!

A portable rescue frame would be unequaled throughout the entire region and would be a cornerstone of our equipment and unique capabilities.

This equipment costs $7,800.00.

As of December 31, 2017, thanks to our many generous donors and supporters, we have raised $7,000.00!

Please help bring this state of the art equine technical rescue equipment to our area! Click on the GoFundMe logo to donate.


Spread Bar Upgrade


The Becker Sling is a simple vertical lift system designed for short rescue operations. We have one, and it is amazing! Since its purchase in early 2015, the spread bar support system has been redesigned, and an upgrade kit is available.
This will improve the attachment and quick release systems. The lower shackles will attach more easily, are wider and made of a tougher material AND are shorter, eliminating dead space in the system—we grow horses really big around here, so every inch less helps!

The new “instant release” components (the round links on the underside of the spread bar) release the lower shackles and the body slings with a pull of a single line a safe distance from the horse once it has been successfully lifted and moved. This is a very important upgrade that makes safety for the horse, whom might struggle in the body slings once on the ground or might resent the weight of dangling shackle components, and for rescuers who don’t have to place themselves next to the horse to fiddle with pin releases on two ends.

This upgrade costs $975.

We are fully funded and now have the spread bar upgrade. Thank you!


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