Volunteer Opportunities! And a great Large Animal Rescue Operations course is coming to our area!

Patriot Equine Technical Rescue is looking for volunteers to join our team!
Want to help us do amazing things to assist horses in distress?  An upcoming course in our area could start you on your way!  This two day Large Animal Rescue Operations course, presented by Huff Technical Training, in association with Emergency Equine Response Unit (KS), would be a fantastic local opportunity for superb equine technical rescue training.  Come learn from the best – these guys have even conducted a vertical lift for a zoo elephant!
Contact Kate at patriotetr@gmail.com to discuss your interest in joining our team!

Course description:

ASAR, Large Animal Rescue Operations (LARO) is essential for firefighters, law enforcement, animal control, humane societies and emergency animal response teams. Incidents that involve large animals require special considerations and training. LARO simulates those incidents by using scenario training with both live horses and life-size, weighted, articulated horse mannequins that allow training for virtually any LARO situation. There will be a different team rescue scenario for each day. This training is designed to equip responders with a variety of options to handle most large animal situations; including situational awareness to recognize when knowledge and skills may be out of scope. No previous experience needed with large animals to attend this training. Please note the classes are filling up fast. The event will happen rain or shine. Register today to insure your spot in this upcoming class.

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