Patriot Equine Technical Rescue Had A Stupendous FY17!

As a 501c3 organization, our “year” runs from July 1st to June 30th.  Here are some of the highlights from the past year that we would like to share with our friends and supporters!

Our Mission

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Firstly, we were able to assist some absolutely beautiful and amazing horses (plus one very gentlemanly, regal and much-loved 2,400lb Holstein steer) and meet their wonderful and generous owners, veterinarians and supportive friends.

Our primary purpose is to provide the equipment and skills needed to help horses in distress due to entrapment, illness or injury, and we thank them all for entrusting us with the care of these animals in challenging and emotional circumstances. We promise, we did our absolute best for every single one.

Our Supporters

Generous owners of horses we assisted and many other supporters made over $5,000 in donations last year!  These funds go towards our minimal operating expenses (our board and responders are all volunteers and receive no salary or benefits) and for the continuing purchase of durable equine technical rescue equipment.

Our current cache is constantly growing—we even have equipment that some of the large, well-known humane societies don’t have—and with continued support, we plan to make it even better!

Our New Equipment

We spent $3,012 on rescue equipment this year! How did we spend it?

  • We were able to upgrade our Becker Sling spread bar to a state of the art instant release system that will be safer for both horses and their rescuers.
  • We got a pole syringe for veterinarians to use in incidents where a horse might need treatment but is difficult or unsafe to reach easily.
  • We bought round sling hobbles, blankets, edge protection equipment, commercial ear plugs (for the horses, not us!), more haul team ropes and a couple suitable bags to keep gear organized.
  • We bought additional rescue straps and haul ropes for a second, modified response vehicle, and we are planning to add another vertical lift device to this vehicle’s gear! We already have the spread bar and chest straps that go with it, we just need some generous donors to help us with the purchase costs of the two body slings, and it will be good to go! A second vehicle with some equipment  will serve to increase our availability for most types of incidents and decrease response time.
  • Finally, were able to upgrade our air/water supplied mud lance to a four wand system with a custom manifold! What fun we plan to have with this at training classes this fall!

Our Equine Rescue Trainings

We had a really great time conducting equine rescue training classes for horse owners and first responders this year, and Kate was thrilled to be invited to be a guest lecturer at the Amesbury Animal Hospital’s 10th Annual Equine Event. She gave an “Introduction to Equine Technical Rescue” PowerPoint presentation (it’s only about 90 people, Kate, don’t be nervous!).

At the event we displayed our technical rescue equipment and demonstrated some basic rescue strap emplacement techniques for technical manipulations of recumbent horses.

Staff, clients and supporters gave the session rave reviews, and enjoyed seeing what type of equipment is available to them and their horses in case of any incident first hand.

Our Rescue Frame Fundraising Campaign

We began a fundraising campaign in November towards the cost of purchasing a portable large animal rescue frame, which will enable us to lift horses when no heavy equipment is available, or when the horse is in an area where there is no access for it.

We added some private donations to this earmarked account, and with the help of generous GoFundMe campaign contributors, have raised over $4,400! We need about $2,500 more to purchase this invaluable equipment, and hope to reach our goal by the end of the calendar year.

This equipment will be unique to our entire region! Please consider making a donation to this campaign? Click on our GoFundMe link to find out more—every single donation helps, no matter the amount! Thank you!

We have some exciting fundraising ideas for the rest of this year, and are scheduling some training classes for the fall. We will keep you posted!

Our Thanks…To YOU!

In the meantime, we thank all of our friends for your faith and support. Please spread the word about what we do and the equipment we have to do it.

And keep our contact information handy—we hope you never need to use it!

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