2016 Was A Really Good Year!

Patriot Equine Technical Rescue had a really great year!

Actually, it was a great first year and four months but, as I didn’t do a year-end update for 2015 (as a new organization, most of our major accomplishments were administrative!), I will sum it all up here:

  • We successfully incorporated as a non-profit organization and were approved as a federal 501(c)(3) public charity!
  • We designed and installed beautiful signs for our response truck and trailer…
  • We assisted five horses in distress, utilizing our rescue straps and tools for basic manipulations, our Rescue Glide equipment (twice!), our vertical lift hobbles AND our vertical lift sling in various rescue situations…
  • We facilitated seven training classes in proper equine technical rescue methods for moving recumbent horses, trailer and stall extractions and vertical lift / unstable ground scenarios for
    • 22 Firefighters / Technical Rescue Team members,
    • 2 Animal Control Officers,
    • 18 civilians (horse owners, riders and equine care professionals),
    • 3 veterinarians and 5 veterinary technicians
  • We were able to use funds from donations to make some new additions to our already extensive cache of equine technical rescue equipment:
    • an anesthesia recovery hood,
    • vertical lift hobbles,
    • a Connel Flex Glide,
      AND we are expecting a really special new piece of equipment, thanks to a very generous donor, to be put into service shortly… Look for more information about that soon!
  • We launched a very successful GoFundMe campaign to raise $7,000—the purchase price of a portable rescue frame. After only a few months of fundraising, are about halfway there. Donations are still coming in and are being gratefully accepted if you want to help!
  • We launched this website with the expert assistance of Eliza Tappe, and have had great success sharing who we are, the equipment we have and what we can do to help horses in distress due to entrapment, illness or injury.

Please help us make 2017 another great year by donating to our GoFundMe campaign and ‘liking’ and sharing our Facebook page with your horse friends!

We wish you a very Happy New Year!

For the horses….



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