Know Who to Call to Prevent Tragedy

A family is mourning the loss of their horse falling into a cesspool in the backyard of their Newton home.

Source: Newton Family Horse Dies After Falling Into Cesspool

Attention, horse owners and municipal first responders…

If this were to happen to YOUR HORSE or you received a call for help, who are you going to call??

Patriot Equine Technical Rescue, Inc (501(c)3 has specialized equipment designed for assisting horses in distress due to entrapment, illness or injury. This purpose-designed equipment can usually make a huge difference in more appropriately and efficiently managing a variety of situations, as well as decreasing the risk of injury to responding emergency personnel AND the chance of causing further injury to the horse…. 

Roger Lauze and Lisa MacMillen of the MSPCA Nevins Farm also have specialized equipment!

Please call one of us to help…


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