I held my first training class! And I went right for the toughest crowd—Equine Veterinarians and their large animal veterinary technicians! I had a fantastic time with some of my talented and knowledgable colleagues and coworkers from SRH Veterinary Services.

First we did a condensed didactic that focused on the Incident Command System utilized by municipal emergency services and the role of the equine veterinarian in equine technical rescue emergency. 

I introduced all the various specialized equipment I have available to assist horses in distress due to entrapment, illness or injury. Then, using the MSPCA’s 600lb articulated horse mannequin, “Lucky,” we practiced some basic technical manipulation techniques—a backwards drag for a simulated trailer extrication, a forward assist and a sideways drag.

We also packaged a recumbent horse onto my Rescue Glide and loaded it into a trailer as would be done for transport to an inpatient veterinary hospital.

A really fantastic way to spend a rather chilly fall morning! I very much look forward to working with these professionals at any actual incident they might encounter—we made a great team!

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